The military court garrison in Beni-Butembo (North-Kivu) sentenced police officer Ombeni Mongisa Eric on Monday, 13 July 2020 to life, for murder of citizen movement activist Freddy Muhindo on May 21th.

The military court garrison in Beni-Butembo (North-Kivu) sentenced police officer Ombeni Mongisa Eric on Monday, 13 July 2020 to life, for murder of citizen movement activist Freddy Muhindo on May 21th.
He is required to pay, jointly with the Republic, a fine of US$ 100 for damages to the civil party.
This chief police officer was found guilty of the death of Lucha militant killed with a bullet in the head during a demonstration in Kalinda, Mulekera municipality against insecurity in Beni.
Several militants and family members of the missing have followed the trial open for over a month.
′′ We have a sense of relief because we see justice is doing its work. We also ask that whoever killed Obadi (November 2019) be prosecuted and sentenced. We also ask that the police commander be prosecuted because the murderer was under his command ", says Stéphanie Mbafumoja, member of the Lucha.
The convicted prisoner who claims his innocence accused the PNC commander in Beni, Colonel François …

Chinese scientists have created coronavirus-resistant transgenic mice that can be used to test vaccines and drugs against COVID-19

In late March, China kicked off the first phase of clinical trials to test the safety and effectiveness of its newly developed vaccine for the coronavirus.
Chinese scientists have created coronavirus-resistant transgenic mice that can be used to test vaccines and drugs against COVID-19 , Mi Jidong, chief executive of the Beijing-based biotechnology company SinoGene, said on Friday.
He explained that ordinary animals are immune to the corona, so using the methods of cloning and editing the genome makes it possible for scientists to transplant the human gene (hACE2) into genetically modified creatures.
Mi said that this is done “in order to infect the animal participating in the experiment and test the effectiveness of vaccines or drugs”.
According to him, the genetically engineered mice for testing a COVID-19 vaccine were created on 23 June as part of a joint project involving SinoGene, SPF Beijing Biotechnology, and several other companies.
SinoGene, in turn, pointed out that "t…

South Korea received upgrades of it's spy aircraft from USA at $250m

At the begging of this ended weekend,US State Department approved a tentative sale of services and equipment needed to upgrade the South Korean Peace Krypton reconnaissance aircraft for $250 million, the Defence Security Cooperation Agency said in a press release.
“Included are Ground System Modernization (GSM) and sustainment of Prime Mission Equipment (PME); Field Service Representatives (FSR); minor modifications and upgrades; Joint Mission Planning System (JMPS); spares and repair and return of parts; publications and technical documentation… and other related elements of logistics and program support”, the release said on Friday. “The estimated total program cost is $250 million”.
The proposed sale will improve Seoul’s capability to meet current and future threats by supporting the operation of its fleet of Peace Krypton aircraft and enabling continued Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance interoperability with the United States, the release added.
South Korea's Peac…

A hacked server containing USA's law enforcement & intelligence bodies information was seized by Germany police and may soon be accessible to the whole world

Acting at the behest of the US government, German authorities seized a computer server hosting a vast cache of files from scores of US federal, state and local law enforcement agencies obtained in a Houston data breach,
Associated Press has revealed .
The server was used by data transparency collective Distributed Denial of Secrets, an information clearing house akin to WikiLeaks, and the content shed light on US police practices, among other things.
The data, some of which dated back to 1996, included emails, audio and video files, and police and FBI intelligence reports. DDoSecrets founder Emma Best said the information, dubbed hailed from over 200 agencies, and had been stripped of references to sexual assault cases and crimes involving and affecting children, but names, phone numbers and emails of police officers weren’t redacted.
Best alleges DDoSecrets obtained the data from an individual who sympathized with nationwide protests against police killings of unarmed black American…

India received apache attack helicopters amidst increase tensions with china

India has urged its military equipment suppliers to expedite the delivery of weapons systems, as tensions along the 4,057 km Line of Actual Control have escalated since April. The US, France and Russia have agreed to supply military systems within three months once an order is placed, say government sources.
Boeing, which had been contracted to produce Apaches for the Indian Air Force, has announced that all five of the multi-role helicopters have been delivered.
The attack helicopter, in addition to its enhanced ability to shoot 'fire and forget' anti-tank guided missiles, air-to-air missiles, rockets and other ammunition, is also versatile in conducting network-centric aerial combat due to its modern electronic warfare system.
“We’re happy to have completed delivery of the 22 AH 64-E Apache and 15 Chinook helicopters to India,” the company said on Friday. The five helicopters have been delivered in one consignment to the Indian Air Force (IAF) at Hindon air base, near the n…

Israel creates a multirole sophisticated new special forces unit amidst numerous threats.

The new unit is expected to take part in the IDF's so-called "war-between-war" campaign against Iran amid ongoing tensions between Tel Aviv and Tehran.
The Israeli Air Force (IAF) has unveiled a new squadron that will unite all IAF special forces under one command.
In a press release on Sunday,
the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) said that the 7th Aerial Special Forces Wing “was formed as part of an overall process of strengthening as well as streamlining and improving operational effectiveness of the [IAF] units […] to respond to changing and growing threats in various arenas”.
The new squadron will include the IAF elite commando unit Shaldag as well as the search-and-rescue Unit 669 and the Frontal Landing Unit.
Speaking at an unveiling ceremony, IAF chief Amikam Norkin, for his part, underscored that the new wing will make IAF special forces “more effective in battle, more influential in our aerial superiority, and more a part of all the processes and scenarios taking pl…

Civil society in mahagi to carry on a protest against the use and popularity of Ugandan currency on 18/7/2020

According to our leaks last evening and our recent Reports on the same issue,the civil society in mahagi was planning to call upon the whole population into a protest to denounce the use and popularity of ugandan currency in this part of DRC!!Some groups of people are not happy that the ugandan currency has taken over the DRC franc in this area.. Whispers and some credible information reveal and confirm that such protest match will take place this coming weekend!!I call upon all Ugandan business men in DRC to be extra cautious for they may be aroused by such members of the society and have to prepare and be soft in way that it may not result into an assault on them.They must be deligent and extra cautious in business deals with them.
This announcement is contained in a letter addressed to the administrator of the Mahagi territory, on Saturday July 11, 2020. Civil society remains formal in the face of the use of Ugandan currency.
The objective remains to challenge the Central and Prov…
Alleged ADF rebels continue to terrorise and plunder Irumu territory in Ituri. They killed another 6 (six) civilians during an incursion on Sunday July 12, 2020, reports local civil society.
Reliable sources reveal that this new attack by these armed men was reported on the border between the chiefdoms of Walese Vonkutu and Banyali-Tchabi, precisely in the village of Abendi.
A rebel attack which intervenes only two days after another, last Thursday July 10, 2020, in this region of Irumu (Bahema Boga and Bahema Mitego), where 3 people were killed, 20 others kidnapped alongside an important number of cattle and goods taken.
On Saturday July 11, 2020, spokesman for the DRC Armed Forces in Ituri, Lt. Jules Ngongo, said that everything was under army control in this part of Irumu.
So far, security sources have not yet spoken out regarding this attack. In the meantime, the local force notes a massive displacement of civilians.

ADF kills 2 civilians in Mangazi located near the center of Mamove in the territory of Beni (North Kivu) in the night of Friday 10-saturday 11 July ,2020

2 people were killed by the presumed ADF rebels the night of Friday to this Saturday July 11, 2020 in the village Mangazi located near the center of Mamove in the territory of Beni (North Kivu).In and about rumours circulating with this area is that ADF may or has established a new base within the neigbouring forests.
According to the president of Mamove civil society, who confirmed the information , the incident took place the night of Friday to this Saturday, July 11.
He indicates that the results state of two burned motorcycles,houses then burnt down and people carried away by the attackers during this incursion.
Kinos Katuo also informs that this assessment is still provisional. he said that searches had been started to find other bodies among the missing civilians.
Following this incursion several inhabitants began to leave this part of the territory of Beni where the population lives in to panic.

Fallen Self-Proclaimed General Muissa escaped with 25 NDC militiamen including 8 that already had been neutralized by the army of DRC

′′ At the moment he is the gentleman (muissa) escaped with 25 elements, 8 of which have already been neutralized by the FARDC who are in operation throughout this area ", said Major N ' djike Kaiko, talking about operations Sokola 2 in a statement of operations command made on Friday, July 10, 2020.
This man is believed be to be a creation by general kabarebe and was given guns and ammunition by Gahizi,the main aim was to fight FDLR ,it alleged that he would kill innocent civilians and parade their bodies for photo shots claiming they were bodies of FDLR.He has been operating in Lukueti, Kahanga, Bibwe, Mpati, Luhanga, Bulende, Mweso, Kalembe and all districts of northern lubero but as of now he has lost all of these territories and more attacks on him by FARDC are in high gear.He last held a conference with journalist from Goma and Rwanda at mweso on 24/05/2020 where claimed that FDLR Kilimanjaro will be finished by his militiamen in only two months.
The command of the oper…

Kididiwe, an old ADF stronghold where civil life is gradually getting back to normal

Abandoned for more than 5 years following a series of bloody attacks carried out by the ADF Rebellion in the region, the village of Kididiwe, located about ten kilometers north of the city centre of Beni in North Kivu, begins little by little to relive his old habits.
FARDC carried out a large expedition against Ugandan rebels who have taken their way into more remote forests.
Military engineering has also made an agricultural service route from Kididiwe to Kasinga, an already practical stretch, although not yet open to farmers.
signals that make a good omen
A few months after the conquest of Kididiwe by the armed forces that control there today up to more than 10 square kilometres after they have removed the Ugandan jihadists from the ADF, civilians are quick to revive their work of the fields, hoping to recreate their economy broke out following this armed conflict.
Despite the still uncertainty throughout the land of Beni, these peasants are reassured by the military presence, cal…

DRC Army calls on the NDC-R Militia to surrender "as soon as possible"

The military command of the Armed Forces of the DRC, North Kivu province, says take note of the statement of the rebel movement Nduma Defense Of Congo (NDC-R), removing its commander-in-chief, self-proclaimed general Muissa Shimiray.
In a statement made to the press, this Friday, 10 July 2020, the North Kivu operational sector Good 2, says he welcomes the will of this armed group to stop hostilities and invites it to drop arms and surrender as soon as possible.
" In order for this manifest will to remain a simple statement, the operational 2 North Kivu is waiting for another strong signal from the Nduma Defense Of Congo movement, including dropping weapons and surrender the most early possible to the FARDC ", said Major Guillaume Ndjike army spokesperson in the province.
For example, the commander of this area is instructed by all the commanders of the units deployed on the ground, to receive all the NDC-R elements that wish to surrender and treat them human.
After the spli…

ADF kidnaps 20 civilians,285 cows,177 goats in an attack on the Banyali-Tchabi chiefdom of irumu territory

Day after day ADF rebels are increasing attacks on local communities in eastern DRC, as I earlier wrote the banyali -tchabi chiefdom in Irumu territory was attacked on July 09, 2020. The assessment, still provisional, shows at least 20 kidnapped people, 285 cows and 177 goats taken away as well as trading houses looted systematically, according to local civil society. “This situation really worries us a lot. Among the 20 civilians kidnapped by these ADF rebels, there are 4 children, 11 men and 5 women. This is still provisional. Many civilians fled into the bush. Several cattle taken, shops and health center looted, ”Gaston Kandole, from Boga civil society. The attacked villages are on the outskirts of Boga center. These Ugandan rebels have entrenched themselves with kidnapped civilians as well as looted livestock and other goods. They are said to have a new base in the forests near this area where they have found refuge fleeing the offensives of the Congolese army in the regio…

Mighty Museveni gives farewell message to outgoing Germany ambassador

H.E Dr. Albrecht Conze, who has concluded his three-year tour of Uganda. mighty Museveni said that Germany is one of our most important trading partners. He congratulated him on the achievements registered & wished him success in his next assignment.

Today,The security has been tightened as federal member states president‘s meeting to open in Galmudug administration headquarters, Dhusamareb.

The security has been tightened as federal member states president‘s meeting to open in Galmudug administration headquarters, Dhusamareb.
Galmudug security official has posted Security forces to all main checkpoints to block possible threats from the armed group Al-Shabab insurgent.
The meeting will be focused on 2021 election mandate, security, constitution review and the relationship between federal member states and the central government.
This meeting implemented by the United Nations Political Office in Somalia after the current planned Mogadishu meeting rejected Puntland and Jubaland leaders for the purpose of their security so far they lack political relation with the federal government.

4 civilians shot dead,5 serious injured in Mogadishu

A gunman armed with Ak47 shot dead four civilians while five others sustained multiple injuries at their home of residence in Mogadishu.
According to the witness, the assailant opened fire on a women and her children in the house during time when they were eating a meal which resulted in heavy casualties.
The assailant escaped immediately he shot the civilians following government forces arrival at the scene and launched an investigation on the incident.

CODECO militiamen laid numerous attacks in DJUGU in the nights of Tuesday and Wednesday.

CODECO assailants from Walendu-Djatsi made an incursion early in the morning of this Wednesday July 08 at the center of Bunzenzele, Sindani-Akeso group in the Banyali-Kilo sector in Djugu territory, killing twenty civilians, sources testify. local.
"Today at 4 am, the assailants from Nyangarai started killing people on Butembo Avenue while going up. The soldiers were only informed when they heard shots being fired and they responded. More than 25 people were killed and wounded were transferred to Bunia via Walu, "reports Ezra Licey, head of the center.
The center of Bunzenzele is now emptied of its population who have moved to places deemed safe.
Local authorities are pleading for assistance from the security services to bury the dead, some of whom are still in homes and others scattered in the bush.
This assessment has not yet been confirmed by the armed forces of the DRC.

Again, alleged assailants of the CODECO militia was reported on the night of Tuesday to this Wednesda…

ADF rebels laid another attack on Banyali-Tchaba chiefdom on wednesday

Ugandan ADF rebels have led another , since the morning of Wednesday, July 08, 2020, new attack on the Banyali-Tchabi chiefdom in Irumu territory.
These rebels have plundered the property of a few trading houses while carrying cows in the villages Busiyo and Kyamata, announces civil society in Boga.
"Until then, there is no official record. We just learn that they broke and looted shops and pharmacies. Cows were also taken away. Thanks to the efforts of the FARDC, they were pushed back, "says Kandole Gaston.
A situation that caused widespread panic in the region. Resettled residents fled to Boga and Tchabi center.
"Many people moved to Boga because Tchabi center was not attacked. Kyamata is at the extreme end of Boga and Busiyo. These displaced persons are added to the 5 thousand others here in Boga, deprived of assistance "he continues.
The president of this civic structure calls for humanitarian assistance to the displaced, apart from strengthening the military …

USA arrests a Nigerian, Raymond Igbalode or Ramon Olorunwa Abbas ,a notorious Nigerian scammer

One of Ray Hushpuppi’s targets was the English Premier League soccer club from which he tried to steal £100m (approximately $125 million).
Roman Abbas, aka Ray Hushpuppi , is a famous Nigerian social media star and followed by millions on Instagram where he often posts about his lavish lifestyle. Perhaps this has landed him into trouble, as law enforcement authorities were skeptical of how he became super-rich, and further probe led to some startling revelations about the Nigerian Instagrammer.
These days, Hushpuppi is in hot waters as a US court has charged him for running a global BEC scam and targeting a Premier League Club to steal £100 million which is approximately $125 million.
Reportedly, the FBI was investigating the involvement of the 37-year-old Instagrammer in money laundering and BEC scams for months. They could track Hushpuppi’s movement by following his posts on his Instagram account, which has over 2.4 million followers.
Hushpuppi regularly posted on Instagram, and he…

US Army has begun a key test of a new integrated air defense system that was delayed due to the onset of the COVID-19

The US Army has begun a key test of a new integrated air defense system that was delayed due to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. If successful, it could mean the introduction of a new, advanced generation of expanded anti-missile defenses.
A limited user test (LUT) of the Integrated Air and Missile Defense Battle Command System (IBCS) is now underway at the White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico, Breaking Defense reported on Monday .
Involving more than 700 people, the test could not proceed until major challenges involving social distancing were addressed, the outlet noted. While many folks can do their data analysis remotely, the key purpose of the test is to see how the system functions under realistic battle conditions when handled by real people - the soldiers who will man it on the battlefield - and not test engineers.
In response, the Army has set up a series of safeguards, such as constant testing and careful monitoring of travel between otherwise-separated working groups…

Russia declared that it is going to deploy a space system that warns of missile attacks by 2024 with high-orbit space intelligence system

Last Thursday,Russia declared that it was going to deploy a space system that warns of missile attacks by 2024, Sergei Surovikin, the commander of the Russian Aerospace Forces, told the military’s official newspaper Krasnaya Zvezda on Thursday.
"As part of creating the United Space System , [Russia] is going to deploy the orbital constellation of spacecraft by 2024", Surovikin said.
According to the Russian Defence Ministry, the United Space System will play a key role in ensuring the missile attack warning system.
The commander also said that equipping the missile attack warning system with the latest-generation radars would be complete by 2022, noting that this modernisation would be achieved after putting into service modern radar systems near the city of Vorkuta (the Republic of Komi) in 2021 and in Murmansk in 2022.
"Putting these radar stations into service will complete the re-equipment of the missile attack warning system with the latest-generation radars"…

The US State Department approved a potential $2 billion sale of three E-2D Advanced Hawkeye Aircraft and related equipment to France

The US State Department approved a potential $2 billion sale of three E-2D Advanced Hawkeye Aircraft and related equipment to France, the Defence Security Cooperation Agency said in a press release on Monday.
"The State Department has made a determination approving a possible Foreign Military Sale to the Government of France of three (3) E-2D Advanced Hawkeye Aircraft and related equipment for an estimated cost of $2 billion", the release said.
Notice of a pending arms sale and notification of Congress, also announced in the release, is required before an arms sale can be concluded.
DSCA said the proposed sale will support the foreign policy and national security of the United States by helping France meet current and future threats by maintaining interoperability with US naval forces. France operates earlier versions of the E-2C and will have no problem absorbing the upgraded versions of the aircraft, the release read.
Hawkeye manufacturer Northrop Grumman describes the ai…

Two private universities closed in Rwanda.

The Rwandan authorities have declared the closure of two private universities on Sunday. They join the other ten sanctioned for non-compliance with the requirements of the quality of education.
The closure was closed on Sunday by the Minister of Higher Education. It concerns two private universities that would not have met the quality requirements laid down by the government. "These universities had temporary licensing, but did not meet the requirements for them to be certified", Valentine Uwamariya said on national television.
These are the of College of Education (ICE) and the Christian University of Rwanda (CHUR) whose sponsor Pierre-Damien Habumuremyi, former Prime Minister (2011-2014) was placed behind bars by Rwanda Investigation Bureau (RIB) ).
The Rwandan investigation office is indeed accused of Mr. Habumuremyi of abuse of trust and blames him for having issued non-reserve checks worth more than 100 million CFA francs, or more than 62 million CFA francs (around 9 5…

Civil society in (mahagi)DRC not happy at the popularity of Ugandan currency.They are calling the society to stop using Ugandan money.

After the observed rise in the Ugandan Shilling rate on the market in Mahagi territory located more than 180km north of Bunia, local civil society is calling for an end to the use of this foreign currency on Congolese soil.
According to Anican Tengo of this civic structure, the instability of the Shilling by money changers who have set fanciful rates for two months has negatively impacted the prices of essential goods in this country.
"The money changers set the rate at 60,000 FC per 100,000 Ugandan Shillings, which is exorbitant," notes this actor from civil society.
For him, the authorities must be able to suspend the circulation of this Ugandan currency on Congolese soil.
"We ask the authorities to intervene so that the money changers can go and settle at the border and wait until the passengers who go to Uganda can buy the Shillings there and those who return to the Congo can change the Shillings with the Congolese Francs "explains Mr. Tengo .
In Mahagi and ma…

The security situation in ituri is worrying and needs immediate solution

The security situation in Ituri remains very worrying. Investigative reports for the last 6 months shows an upsurge trend in attrocities committed by various groups that led to insecurities and displacement of local people.
On Monday July 6, 2020, a group of young people in Bunia, identifying with "social actors" organized a peaceful march. A memorandum has been filed with the Ituri provincial government and the UN mission, containing a series of recommendations.
"To the central government, to establish an advanced headquarters in Djugu and Mahagi, to reinforce the army in manpower and adequate equipment in the face of symmetrical warfare, to dispatch the ministers of defense and of humanitarian actions in order to assess situation and find a final solution, ”wrote Gloire Abasi, their leader.

"At Monusco, to extend their military base throughout Djugu and Mahagi, to properly ensure the protection of civilians against the assailants, to support the government in th…

ADF attacked Batongo on Sunday July 05,2020

The locality of Batongo in the chiefdom of Banyali Tchabi in Irumu territory was the target of a new incursion by the Ugandan rebels of the ADF on
Sunday, July 05, 2020 at around 10 p.m. local time.
According to Babanileo Tchabi Étienne, head of this area who delivered information ,shops were looted of their goods, including bags of rice and other consumer products.
The ADF also abducted some people found there to transport their spoils of war, but their number is not yet known.
After their attrocities,the rebels then withdrew into the forest, leaving behind a chaos and fear among the local population.
This is the third attack in the area by these Ugandan Islamists active in Beni in neighboring North Kivu, the latest of which occurred on June 20 in Vukaka village, killing 10 civilians.

The Joint United Nations Office for Human Rights presented a report that condemns ADF attrocities in DRC

In a report released on June 6, the Joint United Nations Office for Human Rights (BCNUDH) has returned to the atrocities that are being committed by ADF
rebels.A summary of  executions, physical integrity are mainly perpetrated using machetes, axes, knives and using AK-47 type guns, mortars and rocket launcher in Beni territory and part of Ituri province.
Attacks that have often taken the form of reprisals and incursions into villages that the ADF fighters have sometimes looted and burned in reprisals against FARDC military operations.
In this report, which identifies human rights violations from January 2019 to January 2020, the BCNUDH notes that, under international law, " these violations of international humanitarian law and human rights violations committed by ADF fighters could, by their nature and magnitude, be crimes against humanity and war crimes ".
" In most cases, the means and mode of attacks clearly state the intention of leaving no survivors. Whole famil…

President Tshisekede's team is in ITURI to compel CODECO rebels to stop killings and opt for peace

At the initiative of Congolese President Félix Tshisekedi, a delegation of former warlords recently released from prison arrived on Friday July 3, 2020 in Bunia to "preach peace" to CODECO attackers active in the territory of Djugu.
Part of the team are, Floribert Ndjabu, former head of the Lendu militia called "Front des nationalistes integrationistes, FNI" during the interethnic war between 1999 and 2003, Brigadier General Germain Katanga, ex leader of the FRPI militia having sentenced to 12 years in prison by the ICC, Pitchou Iribi Mbodina, former FRPI, Brigadier General Godas Emery, former rebel integrated into the Congolese army, Colonel Matthieu Ngudjolo, also former FNI, Jeannot Malivo Kagaba, an expert and other FARDC officers.
"We are envoys, messengers of the President of the Republic, as expert negotiators. We come to discuss, to negotiate with the armed groups so that there is peace in Ituri ", Floribert Ndjabu told the press when he got off …

DRC army captured 7 CODECO militiamen,4 AK47

Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic of Congo captured seven elements of the CODECO militia in an offensive launched at Mbala village, Ezekere group, Walendu-Tatsi sector, on the northern outskirts of Bunia, capital of Ituri.
Lt. Jules Ngongo, spokesman for the army in this province who gave the results of this operation to the press on Friday, July 03 adds that four weapons of the AK-47 type and a mobile phone were also recovered.
"Your army, the FARDC, yesterday afternoon under the leadership of General Yav Avul, operational sector commander of Ituri, we launched a punching operation, an assault on a group of militiamen who was advancing towards our position and by these anticipatory operations we neutralized seven elements of CODECO, four weapons of war of the AK-47 type and a telephone abandoned in their flight ”he declared.
Lt. Jules Ngongo reassures the public that the situation is currently under the control of loyalist forces in this region where mop-up operations are…

FPIC rebel group attacks lead to displacement of 14173 Congolese

With many days of attrocities of FPIC militiamen, known as "Chini ya Kilima" in the villages of Kombokabo, Ngadjo, Kayasililo and Marabo, south of Bunia in Irumu territory, a total of 14,173 displaced people found refuge in chiefdoms Walendu Bindi, according to information from local sources.
National deputy Paul Babangu, elected from the region that delivers the information, cites among their host villages Malo, Anyozo, Androzo, Nyamabho, Mula, Pinga, Tsengu and Kasuku.
"The humanitarian situation is alarming, I invite the national minister in charge of humanitarian action to intervene urgently" affirms the elected representative of the people who already deplores cases of infant mortality due to the family and the lack of health care.
On June 29, an army position in Marabo was attacked by these rebels, causing significant displacement of the population.

to all Ugandans in Rwanda


South Sudanese army illegally enters DRC again

A week has almost not ended before bilateral meeting between the South Sudanese and Congolese politico-military authorities .But on Wednesday 01 and Thursday 02 July, two incursions by south Sudanese army were reported in Karagba and Gbula, on Congolese soil, in territory of Aru.
According to witnesses, they raped two women, then looted a few animals and valuables from the inhabitants, before returning back to south sudan on Wednesday 01 July.
Local sources say that the local population managed to "capture one of these Sudanese soldiers with his AK-47 weapon".
On Thursday, July 2, these South Sudanese soldiers turned to "recover one of them captured by the population" indicated by sources from the local communities "They were pushed back by the FARDC and a few police officers,".
Following this situation, the population living along the border of the DRC with South Sudan, have begun to flee inside the chiefdom of the Kakwa, some are destined for Ingokolo,…

DRC refugees coming to Uganda must first be screened to make sure they are safe from COVID19

Thousands of people stranded in areas of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)  arrived in Uganda on Wednesday, July 1st.
These refugees from the DRC can now be safe in their new host land. They were stranded at the border since the end of May due to corona virus that ended in locking the border.
" We are not tired, we don't have much land, our country is small, but we receive them, out of sympathy. I hope that the international community will also be compassionate and help these people. It's not our problems, it's the world's problems, international problems ", said Hilary Onek, Minister in charge of Rescue, Disaster Preparation and Refugees in Uganda.
The United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) said it was working with the Government of Uganda and its partners to ensure that humanitarian aid, including food and shelter, is made available to these refugees.
The agency also reported that it was working with border security forces and the Ministry of Healt…

Reverse RDP vulnerabilities can let cyber criminals chieve full control over the Guacamole server, intercept, and control all other connected sessions.

A new research has revealed multiple critical reverse RDP vulnerabilities in Apache Guacamole, a popular remote desktop application used by system administrators to access and manage Windows and Linux machines remotely.
The reported flaws could potentially let cyber criminals chieve full control over the Guacamole server, intercept, and control all other connected sessions.
According to a report published by Check Point Research and shared to various cyber security firms .Among the firms are the hackernews who has already successfully compromised a computer inside the organization, to launch an attack on the Guacamole gateway when an unsuspecting worker tries to connect to an infected machine."
You can read more Here

Hunting for default logins!!

The NNdefaccts dataset made by nnposter is an alternate fingerprint dataset for the Nmap http-default-accounts.nse script.
The NNdefacts dataset can test more than 380 different web interfaces for default logins. For comparison, the latest Nmap 7.80 default dataset only supports 55.
Here are some examples of the supported web interfaces:
Network devices (3Com, Asus, Cisco, D-Link, F5, Nortel..)
Video cameras (AXIS, GeoVision, Hikvision, Sanyo..)
Application servers (Apache Tomcat, JBoss EAP..)
Monitoring software (Cacti, Nagios, OpenNMS..)
Server management (Dell iDRAC, HP iLO..)
Web servers (WebLogic, WebSphere..)
Printers (Kyocera, Sharp, Xerox..)
IP Phones (Cisco, Polycom..)
Citrix, NAS4Free, ManageEngine, VMware..
See the following link for a full list:
The usage is quite simple — we simply run the Nmap script with the alternate dataset as a parameter. Like this:
nmap --script http-default-accounts --script…

Changes in positions within police Directorate of ICT.

The ICT directorate of police has been shaken up, with latest changes affecting different units, including the the CCTV command centre.
Police Human Resource Director Maj. Gen. Jesse Kamunanwire moved Assistant Commissioners of Police (ACPs), Senior Superintendents of Police (SSPs), SPs and ASPs to serve as senior regional ICT commanders.
Gen. Kamunanwire moved Warren Mugwizi from the ICT Directorate, which oversees CCTV operations, to the ICT department at police headquarters in Naguru, Kampala as directorate of operations.
He’ll be supervised by Assistant Inspector General of Police (AIGP) Edward Osiru Ochom.
The changes also indicate that Moses Ekudot will head the communication department at police headquarters while Alice Komuhangi has been moved from ICT directorate at the police headquarters to greater Masaka as the Regional ICT commander.
Monica Mugeni is the new Kiira Regional ICT commander.
Yowasi Ruteera from ICT headquarters has been asked to report to human resource mana…

General Sabiti Abdullah Patrick , the new police commissioner of Ituri province officially begun his work.

On Wednesday, July 1, 2020 ,General Sabiti Abdallah Patrick,  the new police commissioner in Ituri, went to the office of the provincial assembly to present his civilities.
On the spot, he was greeted by the president of the deliberative body of the province, Simeon Banga Tchombe, surrounded by his deputy and other members of the office.
"It is the first time that I arrive at the office of the Provincial Assembly, I should have come there since my arrival but the security emergencies, that did not allow me. Today, I am here to greet and present my civilities to the president of the provincial assembly and to the members of the bureau, "he confided to the members of the press of the provincial assembly.
According to the General, the discussions revolved around the security situation and the relations that must exist between the police and the provincial assembly as a representation of the population.
Note that General Sabiti succeeded General Henry Kapend transferred to the …

The balkanisation of DRC may be ripe now!As of our various leaks last month,we may soon have a country named the Republic of KIVU.

" Republic of Kivu " these are visible inscriptions on a " flag " visible on several outskirts oftof  city of Bukavu onon Wednesd, July 1st, 2020.
Hanging on tree sticks in several places in the city, this flag with yellow, black and blue colors and a star in the middle keeps mobilizing the curious population.
In the morning of Wednesday some inhabitants of the commune of Kadutu have moved to Buholo 3 to observe a flag installed at a little roundabout.
Also in the municipality of Ibanda, these flags were visible in the morning towards the roundabout ISP of Bukavu and on the road section of Place Mulamba-College said called "witness mile" in the old days.
It's hard to identify those who wanted to express themselves by these flags "Republic of Kivu" spread across the city but the idea is no longer new in South Kivu.
Indeed, opinion leaders, scientists and other inhabitants have in the informal, started the discussion about the need for Kivu t…